Exchange Bitcoins For Cash

Immediate Cash Payment for Bitcoins


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 Cash for Bitcoins:

Do you need to exchange Bitcoins for cash.  We can help you.  Call us at 971-222-3435.  The transaction is simple. You get cash, we get Bitcoins.


How it Works:

  1. Call 971-222-3435 for an offer
  2. Tell us how much Bitcoin you need to sell, or how much cash you want get
  3. Our offer will be based on the published priced of Bitcoin, including a reasonable discount.  As dealers, we buy Bitcoins at a discount, and sell Bitcoins at a premium
  4. If you like our offer for your Bitcoins, then we make an appointment for you to come to our office
  5. Bring your laptop or cell phone with the Bitcoin app.  We can’t do anything without that
  6. At my office I will physically show you that I have the cash.  You will see the Dollar bills that you will receive as payment for your Bitcoins
  7. If all checks out, you send me the Bitcoins.  I will have to actually wait 30 to 40 minutes to totally be sure that I have the Bitcoins in my Bitcoin wallet application.  Although I will get the Bitcoins immediately, before the 30 to 4o minutes things can happen.  So if we are paying a few thousand Dollars for Bitcoins, we want to be sure we have them for sure.  That is not too much to expect
  8. Once all is good, we pay you in Dollar bills immediately
Selling Coins for Cash is Easy


Why Bitcoin:

If you are into gold, most likely you are into Bitcoin too.  It took me a while to get used to the Bitcoin idea.  To me the benefits of Bitcoin are clear.  The main one is that Bitcoin totally skips the need to use the banking system.  This results in huge savings in transactions that would otherwise require to give a cut to the banks, such as with Visa, MC or Amex.  Now that more and more businesses and individuals are using Bitcoin, and is becoming universally accepted, I have decided to offer the service of exchanging Bitcoins for cash.

Bitcoin Benefits:

  • Save on banking fees
  • More private than credit card transaction
  • No exposure to people knowing your credit card or debit card account
  • Quick, easy, virtually free transfers anywhere in the globe


Bitcoin Advantages:

  • Bitcoins are very fast to transact since all is almost immediate due to the power of the web and modern day telephony
  • Non-refundable.  With Bitcoins, transaction are final, same as with cash.  Hard to reverse
  • Bitcoins have almost zero transaction cost.  Nearly no c0st transfers and payments.  No banks are involved in transactions


Bitcoin Disadvantages:

  • Bitcoin is totally and absolutely dependent on the the web and on the telecommunications system.  If there is no access to web and cell phone telephony, then there is no access to the capital accumulated in the form of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin is not anonymous, although not as easy to track transactions parties.  There is a digital footprint to all Bitcoin transactions, but not as evident as credit cards, checks and any banking system transfer
  • You can’t hold Bitcoins in your hand, which can be an issue sometimes
  • Not yet universally accepted.  Plenty of establishments don’t even know what a Bitcoin is