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How to Sell Gold and Silver Portland Vancouver

How to Sell Gold and Silver Portland Vancouver

This is Oscar, the owner of Portland Gold Buyers, LLC, in downtown Portland. I am a professional precious metals dealer.

This is how selling gold and silver works:

1- You locate a reputable precious metal dealer. There are plenty. Look for Google Reviews. Here are mine
2- You present your items to the dealer
3- In front of you, with your items in sight, the dealer should analyze the items for precious metal content
4- The items should be weighed in front you, such that you can actually read what the scale marks
5- Based on this, and the international price of gold, dealer should make you an offer
6- Ideally the payment is immediate cash. Checks are OK too if you are comfortable with the dealer. I prefer to pay cash

Call me if you have any precious metals to sell. I buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium in all its forms. Coins, jewelry, flatware, nuggets, dust, bars, etc.