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What Type of Diamonds Do We Buy?

We buy diamonds of all price ranges, sizes, cut styles and grades.  If it is a diamond, we will make you an offer.

  • GIA certified diamonds
  • Un-certified diamonds
  • Loose diamonds (not in a setting)
  • Mounted diamonds (in a setting)
  • Damaged diamonds
  • High dollar value diamonds ($7,000 and above)
  • Smaller sized diamonds (Fifths and quarter carat to half carat)
  • Melee diamonds (1 point to 20 point diamonds)


Diamond Buying Process

Below is the selling diamond to us process.


  1. Call:  Make an appoint for selling your diamonds by calling Portland Gold Buyers, LLC at 971-222-3435. Depending on what kind of diamond(s) you have, we may need to make preparations in advance
  2. Information:  If you have any diamond certificates, appraisals, receipts, etc, email us a scan the documents to sell@portlandgoldbuyers.com. With that information, we may be able to make you an offer, over the phone, subject to confirmation at our office
  3. Appointment:  For the appointment, bring the diamond and any of the above mentioned paperwork if you have any
  4. Evaluation:  At the office we will evaluate the diamond(s). Diamonds are natural stones sculpted into highly refractive shapes. Diamonds are all about refraction. Refraction is what creates the diamond’s sparkle and fire. All diamonds are different. We will evaluate the diamond for carat, color, cut and clarity, which are the factors that create the diamond’s refraction.  The more refraction, the more desirable and expensive the diamond
  5. Offer:  We will make you an offer based on our assessment of your diamond(s). Expect variations between the different offers you will have from diamond dealers.  Diamonds are luxury goods of limited use and market. People don’t need diamonds.  However, certain people want diamonds for commemoration (a wedding, engagement, etc) or just their enjoyment.  So the offer will be based on how quickly can the diamond be re-sold, at a reasonable profit, to a person that wants to own the diamond.
  6. Payment:  For most diamonds, payment is immediate cash.  For the larger, higher end diamonds, which our offer over $7,000, or sometimes a little less, we pay with a cashier’s check.


Mounted Diamonds

Mounted diamonds are any diamond which is attached to a holder via a setting.  Diamonds can’t be worn loose, so they are always a component of a precious metal jewel.  The jewel can be a diamond ring, earrings, pendants, hollow form, etc.

Specially with larger diamonds, of course with a few exceptions, for us, as diamond buyers, it is always important for separate the diamond from the jewel.  This allows as to better inspect the diamond, and more precisely determine its value.  Based on that we will make an offer.  So, if the diamond is mounted, most likely, we will eventually have to separate it from the rest of the jewel.

Main Reasons Un-Mount the Diamond

  • Get accurate color reading.  The diamond color is for sure affected by the metal surrounding
  • Get accurate weight measurement.  The only precise way to determine a diamond’s weight is by weighing it loose on a diamond carat scale
  • Better see the diamond’s cut quality
  • Better see the diamond’s clarity
  • Inspect for chips that may not be visible otherwise in the diamond
  • Inspect diamond flaws covered by the setting
  • Maybe the diamond has a hair crack and it is held together by the setting.  Removing the diamond from the setting will result in the already cracked diamond to finally split
  • Due diligence.  Many other reasons related to making you an offer for your diamond


Small Diamond – Melee

Small diamonds are called Melee.  This diamonds range in weight from 1% of one carat to, depending on who classifies them, up to a little less than on 20% of one carat weight.  Melee is used for accent, as companions to the main diamond of the jewel, or often, in arrays, as main feature of a jewel’s design.

Melee is valuable, however, very often, the cost of removing the melee diamonds from the jewel is as much, or more than the melee diamonds themselves.  We pay for the melee diamonds either way.

Payment for Small Diamonds

  • If the diamonds are hard to remove, then we will weigh the jewel and pay for it as if the diamonds were solid gold
  • If there are enough melee diamonds, and of the right quality, we may get the diamonds removed professionally.  We will pay for the melee diamonds based on quality and weight, minus the cost of removing the diamonds
  • Some melee diamonds are very high quality.  Depending on the situation, we may present a custom proposition
  • Most melee diamonds in 10K jewelryare highly included, and even off-color.   These type of melee diamonds may not be worth paying for.  So us to not make an offer is also a possibility

Larger Diamond Purchase

Small Diamonds – AKA Melee