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Are You Handling the Liquidation of a Estate or Jewelry Inheritance?
This is a Delicate Matter
We Know How to Handle This
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Thanks for considering Portland Gold Buyers for the liquidation of your estate or jewelry inheritance. We totally understand how financially and emotionally sensitive the can be. We can help you navigate through this process and immediately monetize the state. Below is a brief outline of what is needed.

Estate Sales Outline

Handling estates and inheritances is not always simple. Often there is plenty of emotional and financial issues associated with the items. This is specially true when there is more than just one person involved. On top of this, if the inheritance is, could be, or has been in probate there are legal matters to be considered. Ideally, when you contact us, you should have already sorted all this matters. Consider that all sales are final and precious metals will be refined within a rather short time. Basically there is no turning back. We want to do a good job for you. If you bring everything in order, we will immediately monetize the estate.


Needed Documents

Depending on the situation, the following documents may be needed. For simple situations, just make a regular appointment.
1. Probate Cases

  1. Presence of the executor of the estate (with documentation)
  2. Probate documents

2. Bring if Available

  1. Item appraisals
  2. Certificates if available (specially useful for diamonds and other gems)

3. Make an appointment

  1. Typically we can quickly attend anything the same day
  2. For larger estates it is better to make an appointment with at least a day in advance
  3. If there are many expensive diamonds, we will need schedule a gemologist

4. At our office

  1. Each item will be inspected individually
  2. You will get an offer for each item unless we can’t use it (no precious metal or gem)
  3. You will be paid cash immediate



Estate Jewelry Sales Questions & Answers

I only have a few items. It is all very simple. Can I just bring the items?
Yes. Just bring the items.

Do I need to bring all the documents listed above?
Only if the estate items are subject to probate

Should I sell Items prior to probate?
Talk to an attorney. If the items could be part of a probate process, it is better to first get legal advice

How do I know if the items should be probated?
If the estate is sufficiently large, there are creditors, and / or there is no will, probate may be needed. Get legal help

Will the sale be reported to the IRS?
IRS does not require reporting for this

Do you Pay Cash?
Yes. We only pay cash

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