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20 Frank Belgium Gold Coin Obverse
20 Frank Belgian Gold Coin Obverse

Belgian, Swiss and French Franc gold coins have the same exact specification.  The only thing that varies between this gold coins is the minting.

Swiss Franc gold coins show “Helvetia”, a variation of what for Americans is the Statue of Liberty

Belgian Franc gold coins show the king, usually king Leupold

French Francs are of two types.  One type is know as the “Rooster”, which shows “Ceres” on one side and rooster on the other.  The other type is know as “Napoleon III”, which shows his bust.

The Belgian Frank is Belgium’s version of the gold Frank.  Thus, other than the minting, all other features are the same as the French and Swiss gold Franks.  Same exact gold coin blank.  Different minted images.

The Belgian gold Frank features the bust of King Leopold, AKA, “The Hand Chopper”.  It was during his reign that Belgium invaded and colonized large parts of North West Africa.  The Belgians were maybe the most brutal colonialist.  In their quest for gold and diamonds the required lots of labor.  Anyone not compliant to work basically as slaves got their hands chopped.  The Belgians are long gone from Africa, but the punishments they invented are still in employed.

Belgian Franks, as the other Franks are 90% gold, the rest silver and copper.  These are very durable coins.  Minted for circulation.  These gold coins have been around for a long time.  Most of them are still in great shape.

Belguian Frank Gold Coin Specification

  • Mass (weight)                                           6.45 grams / .2074 ozt
  • Net Gold Content                                     5.8064 grams / .1867 ozt
  • Fineness (purity)                                      .900  / 21.6K
  • Composition                                               Gold, Silver and Copper
  • Diameter                                                    21 mm
  • Thickness                                                   1.3 mm
  • Years of Minting                                          1867 – 1914
  • Obverse                                                      Bust of Leopold II, Belgium King
  • Reverse                                                      Belgium Coat of Arms
  • Denomination                                            20 Franks


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20 Frank Belgium Gold Coin Reverse
20 Frank Belgium Gold Coin Reverse