12 Gauge Silver Bullet Bullion for Sale – Portland

5ozt (Ounce Troy) .999 Pure Silver  12 Gauge Bullet Shaped Bullion

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12 Gauge Silver Bullet Bullion

Want to blow vampires and FIAT currency out of the sky?

Want to have something cool that is literally the silver bullet against endless money printing?

Want to have the ultimate bird hunter accessory?

Want to be asked if “that is a real silver bullet” and you answer “of course it is a silver bullet”

This is it!

12 Gauge Silver Bullets: The Ultimate Silver Bullion Fetish

If you are reading this page, most likely you are like me, a firearms and precious metal fan.  That is why I am so big on bullet shaped silver bullion.  Collecting silver bullets is fun!   12 Gauge 5ozt Silver bullion embodies a large part of what I am about, in solid piece of pure silver.  If you are into firearms and precious metals, what can be more cool?

All precious metal bullion is good.  However, most bullion is shaped in the more practical flat rounds and bar shapes.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Those shapes are great for storage and transportation.  That works great for putting the silver bullion in a safe or carrying from one place to another.  However, they are not fun.  12 Gauge shaped bullion is fun.  You want to have it in front of you, look at it thousand times, enjoy how it is built, have it as a great conversation piece.  In other words, 12 Gauge is made not just for storage of value, but for enjoyment.

12 Gauge bullion is not just made of .999 pure silver, it resembles so much the 12 Gauge firearm cartridge, that it fits smoothly into most shotgun firing chambers.  This 12 Gauge silver bullet is an exact replica of a 12 Gauge round, but it is solid silver.  So it is inert.  It will not go bang, but it will still save you.  It will save you because it is made of solid pure silver, which will always be on demand, has proven its value as unit of trade for thousands of years, and is being known to effectively kill zombies and vampires.  If you see see inflation flying by, now you have a way to shoot it out of the sky.

Do you need protection against endless FIAT currency printing?  Silver bullets are definitely the kind of round you need.  In the short term silver may a somewhat go up and down.  However, they will always beat printed money.  A 1887 Silver Dollar is still good.  Any printed currency of that time is worthless.  You can hardly do anything with a modern electronic, printed or base metal dollar.  All kinds of things can happen, but precious metals will always be the most trusted medium of exchange.

Cool Factor:   100%

I am into firearms.  If you are reading this far, most likely you too. Hunting, skeet shooting, hunting.  What a better way to memorialize this passion than with 12 Gauge shaped silver bullion.  So for me, 12 Gauge silver bullion has a cool factor of 100%.

Of all the bullet shaped silver bullion I offer, to me, 12 Gauge silver bullion is the most beautiful.  It is an extremely elegant reproduction of the real cartridge.  Just so much better looking.  The pictures do not justice to it.  All the corrugations and folds of the plastic casing, together with the brass base, rim and primer are correctly matched and placed.  This silver bullion is a work of art.  If you enjoy quality precious metal craftsmanship, you will love this type of silver bullion.

I like the punch 12 Gauge has.   Lots of kick!  .  Needless to say, 12 Gauge is a time proven round.  Its will be with us for many more decades.  That is cool.  That is why you should own a .999 pure silver version of this venerable cartridge.

Product Specifications:

  • Precious Metal:         Silver
  • Fineness:                  999 parts per 1000
  • Weight:                       Net 5 ozt Troy
  • Shape:                       Extremely close to a 12 Gauge Shotgun Cartridge


  • Protection against endless FIAT currency printing
  • Known to be effective against zombies, werewolves and vampires
  • Dracula will never get within shooting range of you
  • Shoot inflation out of the sky if you see it flying by
  • Great fun shaped bullion that is a great conversation piece
  • A beautifully crafted chunk of silver bullion that is a joy to look at
  • PROTECTION OF VALUE:  In 50 years this bullion is still going to be silver.  The US Dollar?  I don’t know…  Hopefully…

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