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Valcambi CombiBar Gold Bar
Valcambi CombiBar Gold Bar



The genius of CombiBars is that in them the fact that gold is fungible is built in.  You can chip out precisely equal gold bullion fractions without special tools or processes.   Below are the benefits, reasons and how it works.

Gold is Fungible:

One of the qualities that make gold so valuable for trade is the fact that, as a metal, gold is fungible.  That is, at its most basic form, which is bullion, it is capable of mutual substitution.  Not only that, smaller pieces can be consolidated together into a larger mass, and then broken down again into other smaller.  This can be done over and over in thousands of combinations.


Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is gold in its most pure form.  Gold bullion is gold measured at the LBMA fineness standard of 995 parts per 1000 pure.  Thus, 1/10 ozt of gold bullion is the same no matter what its shape, place of origin, etc, as long as it is pure gold.  Presently, gold is refined to a fineness of up to 9,999 parts per 10,000 pure.


How it Works

As per above, gold bullion is pure and fungible.  The thing is this.  How to be able to fractionalize gold bullion with precision, without melting, cutting or any such processes.

This is where the genius of the CombiBar design is the fact that they are manufactured deeply scored such that individual fractions can be precisely chipped off in exact increments.  Not only that.  In addition, the resulting individual pieces of gold bullion are also minted, branded and assay certified.  That means that the smaller pieces are still easily identified as gold bullion once they are separated from the large mass original bar.


How to Use Valcambi CombiBars®

This is better explained with a gold bullion use example.

It may be that for a particular gold trade transaction, a complete large gold bar may be too much.  In the case of the Valcambi CombiBar, the sealed package may be opened, the gold bar extracted, and the needed amount of gold bar fraction can be chipped off.  So for example, in the case of a one once troy Valcambi Combi Bar, if only three-tenths of an ounce troy is needed, that is all that needs to be removed from the ounce need to be used.  If the bar would not be pre-scored for breaking into smaller pieces, then such transaction would be much harder to consummate.