Victorian Raj Double Tiger Claw Pendant

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Tiger Claw and Gold Pendant
Tiger Claw and Gold Pendant

Tiger Double Claw & Gold PENDANT

I recently got this double tiger claw and gold pendant.  See the images and video.  It is a super cool, ultra interesting piece of jewelry.  I can’t confirm the origin on this one, but chances are that it is Victorian Raj, or there about era, and from the Indian Sub-Continent.

The two back to back claws are most likely from a tiger.  I can’t confirm this either.  If not, they are for sure from some larger roaring cat type predator, such as a leopard.  Very awesome material.  I would not like to be mauled with such mean tools.  It would be very unpleasant.

The gold cap and edge material is 18K gold, with ruby accent stones.  One side has a pattern.  The other side is basically plain.  You can see that clearly in the video.

The total mass is is 9.8 grams.  The gold cap mass estimate is 4.5 grams.  See images for dimensions.

In terms of condition, it is better for you to make your own judgement based on the images and video.  What you see is what you get.

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Double Tiger Claw Pendant
Double Tiger Claw Pendant
Double Tiger Claw Pendant
Double Tiger Claw Pendant

Victorian Raj Tiger Claw Pendant

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18K Gold Tiger Claw Pendant


Hi gold bugs, I just had to share this beautiful gold jewel with you,

I am for sure more into gold coins, pure gold items and bullion.  But is there anyone that is into at least appreciating Victorian period jewelry?  If you like gold, I bet will love this 18K gold and tiger claw pendant

This is an authentic vintage tiger claw set in 18K gold.  I don’t know the exact age of the piece, but it seems Victorian Raj in design and manufacture.  The 18K gold setting has a highly detailed chimera or dragon on each side.  Maybe one side is a male, the other side is the female.  The front has detailed five petal flower design, maybe a chrysanthemum.   I am venturing to say that the jewel is Victorian Raj Tiger Claw pendant because I have seen many similar items online, and also because of the design and material features.  This 18K gold and Tiger Claw jewel was most likely manufactured in India or England.

Lion and Tiger Claws were, and still are some of the finest big game hunting trophies.  The main advantage is that the tiger or lion claw can be worn because it is held by a nicely crafted gold setting.  Big game hunters wore this type of gold pendant to their social events.  Given how elaborate is the 18 karat gold setting on the jewel shown in this page, it must have been from a very rich man.



  • The craftsmanship quality of the jewel is of the highest level.  It is made of two parts:  A gold setting and a authentic tiger claw.  To me it seems that this tiger claw pendant was designed for some colonialist type Englishman, or some other such rich man.  The feel of the this gold jewel is very Victorian, but the chimeras for sure give it an Asian edge.  That is why I think this item is Victorian Raj in origin.
  • The 18K gold setting is very detailed.  The chimeras and flower design are in high relief, with hair, eyes, tongs and scales clearly discernible.  There is a granular textured background possibly plated 22K on top of the 18K to add contrast.
  • The tiger claw itself definitely came from a very large animal. It has signs of being used to hunt.  This claw has for sure killed animals.  No question about it.
  • The images presented in this listing do not do good justice to this pendant.



  • Total weight  15.9 grams
  • Estimated gold mass  6 grams
  • Estimated tiger claw mass 8.9 grams
  • Dimensions are 1 1/2″ tall, top width (gold setting) is 1 1/4″, maximum thickness is 3/8″

The item is located in Portland, Oregon, where there is no sales tax.  Maybe you want to pick it up in person.

If you are into Victorian jewelry, you will for sure enjoy this piece very much.


Exact Origin

I am making my best guess as to the origin of this Tiger Claw pendant to be Victorian Raj.  I did plenty of looking around.  I would say there is over 95% chance that the piece is Victorian Raj.  This means it dates back to when the English had India as a colony.  I can always be wrong.  Please do your own research if this is important to you.



  • The setting of this tiger claw pendant is 18K.  I am an expert gold buyer, have all the needed tools and the knowledge to affirm this.
  • The claw is for sure of a huge roaring feline.  However, I am not a zoologist, so I can’t ascertain the exact species.  Based on the claw’s size, it belonged to a tiger or a lion.  Nothing smaller than that.


tiger claw gold pendant

gold victorian tiger claw pendant

victorian gold tiger claw pendant