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Do You Have a Large Amount
of Gold Materials?
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The Highest Payout for Precious Metals Anywhere

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Higher Volume = Higher Payout

If you have a large amount of gold materials we can pay you much more. The reason is simple: Higher volume creates costs efficiencies. This means we can pay you more.

This is how it works:

  1. It is best to process all materials at once for maximum efficiency
  2. For this to work best, there needs to several thousand dollars worth of gold materials
  3. Call us for an initial consultation
  4. Based on our conversation by telephone, we will make a preliminary proposal subject to verification
  5. If the proposition works for you, you bring the materials to our office for us to evaluate them
  6. Most likely you will like the offer we will make – It will be better than everyone else’s

This is a great opportunity for individuals that have a large amount of jewelry to dispose off. How much more than usual we pay depends on how much precious metal is brought. These transactions are structured around the quantity and quality of materials and the type of settlement to be made.

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