Liberty Head Gold Coin Money Clip

For Sale

If you are into gold, and you dig vintage Americana items, you will dig this money clip. The center piece, main highlight of the jewel is a 1881 Eagle Gold Liberty Head coin. The clip itself, is a spring made of 14K gold, same as the bezel holding the coin.

This is a vintage, classic American piece of jewelry. It is used. There is a little ding on the bezel.  This is visible in the images. Other than that, the piece is hold and in great shape. The gold money clip gets tension starting with around 5 bills. It can take a lot of bills.

Hopefully you like this piece. Call me at 971-222-3435 if you want to buy it. The jewel is sold as is. Ideally you pick it up in person at my office, in downtown Portland. I can also ship. For that, I need to get the payment via Western Union. I will ad for the shipping depending on how much it costs.

If you like old school type men’s gold paraphernalia, here is a good candidate for your collection.


Eagle Gold Money Clip Specifications

Eagle Gold Coin
  • 16.71 grams total mass
  • 15.05 grams fine gold mass
Money Clip and Bezel
  • 17.9 grams total mass
  • 10.02 grams fine gold mass (17.9 grams x 0.583)
  • 33.9 grams total item mass
  • 25.07 grams total fine gold content (10.02 grams + 15.05 grams)