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What is Scrap Gold?

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What is Scrap Gold?

Scrap gold is any piece of gold alloy material that no longer has practical use.  Scrap gold is typically the term used to refer to pieces of damaged gold jewelry, mismatched earrings, damaged gold items, and left over from jewelry repairs.   For example, if a gold ring is made narrower by removing a piece of material, that piece of gold material is called scrap gold.

In this sense, the word “scrap” is used as an adjective to qualify any piece of gold alloy, no longer of practical use, and best fit for recycling.


Examples of Scrap Gold

  • Any damaged beyond repair piece of gold jewelry (gold chains, gold rings, etc)
  • Dental gold, because it can’t be reused
  • High gold content electronic components
  • Gold melting and pouring gold splash drop
  • Jeweler gold sweepings
  • Parts of certain high end musical instruments
  • Any piece of gold alloy that is to be refined
  • Damaged or worn gold coins

Scrapping Gold – Gold to be Scrapped

Scrapping gold is the recycling of any item to extract the gold contained in its allow.  Any gold item that will be melted, be it for refining, or for re-using the materials, is going to be scrapped.  Anything made out of gold, that will be sent to the refinery, regardless of its condition, will be scrapped.

A beautiful gold chain in excellent condition may be scrapped because the gold content is higher than what people are willing to pay for

A nice gold ring may melted for the material to be formed into another item

In this sense, “scrapping” or “to scrap” is used as a verb.  Here scrapping gold means melting the gold for another use, be it refining, reusing the alloy, etc.

All kinds of very nice gold items get scrapped.  The reason is simple.  Gold always finds its highest and best use.  So if it is more valuable as gold scrap than as anything else, it gets scrapped.

What is Scrap Gold Used For?

Scrap gold is primarily used for recycling.  Recycling means that a “melt lot” of gold of multiple kinds, will be melted, decomposed into its elements, and segregated in order to obtain the pure gold within.  In addition to gold, the refiner also obtains as by-products all kinds of other element, such as silver, copper, antimony, palladium, etc.

Once the scrap gold is refined, all the elements find their way back to industry.  Eventually they get recycled again.



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