Chinese Tael Gold Bars

Old School Chinese Gold Bullion

A “Tael” is an old Chinese precious metal mass measurement.   This is the unit use by the British East India Company.   The Tael is still commonly used in China.  A related measure, but more used in Korea, is the “Don”.

  • 1 Tael = 37.5 grams
  • 1 Don = 3.75 grams
  • 1 Tael = 1.20 ounce troy

This is a most likely recent years Chinese 5 Tael gold bar. It is very old school design.  Another feature that leads me to believe this is a recent bar, is that it was made with ounce troy in mind too.

Thus, as you can see in the video below, this bar weighs

5 Tael  =  6 Ounce Troy  =  187 Grams

This gold bar has all the Chinese gold hallmarks and characters of ancient time.   I can’t understand what is minted into the bar, but I am sure it states about the bar’s gold fineness, and something kind of religious, since in China gold is associated with religious like believes.   However, to me, it is clear that the gold bar is of recent minting (as of within the last 20 years or a a little more) because it was is has the western characters indicating fineness (9999) and mass (5.000 Tael).  In addition, as mentioned above, the bars was poured such that its weigh in Tael, and in Ounce Troy are round figures.  No fractions.  Thus this Chinese gold weighs 5 whole Taels, which is equal to 6 whole ounces troy.

Very cool poured gold bar.  I love this type of precious metal bullion.  Feels good to hold 187 grams of solid pure gold.