Business Opportunity
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Are You Socially Active?

Do You Have a Good Size Sphere of Influence?

Do You Have Friends and Relatives that Have Gold Jewelry?


Then this May be a Great Opportunity for You
You can Host Gold Parties!

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Immediate Cash Payout for Hosting Gold Party Events

In this event you will invite persons in your circle of influence which most likely have gold items they may want to sell.  Lots of people have gold items that have not been used for ever.  Often this items get lost anyway.  Most of this gold items are old jewelry.   Right now it is a great moment to monetize those items into immediate cash.  You get paid very well, and they get cash.  We pay the most for gold in the Portland area.

This is How it Works:

  1. You locate within your circle of influence the people that most likely have gold items
  2. You invite them to a gold party we help you organize
  3. Ideally the event is in your home or similar confortable, safe and discrete location
  4. The day prior to the event we visit the location and figure out a setup
  5. In the event we evaluate items and make offers on them – The offers will be great
  6. We pay cash for each item we buy
  7. At the end of the event, you get paid cash too
  8. You will earn very well.  Call for details

This is a great opportunity to make good money and get paid cash immediately.  It is all done here locally

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