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Republic Metals Corp (RMC) Gold Bar Obverse
Republic Metals Corp (RMC) Gold Bar Obverse


Gold Bars:  The Most Practical Form of Gold Bullion

Gold bars are gold bullion shaped for practicality.  They are easy to store, transport and hide.   Do you need to store as much gold in the least possible amount of space?  Get gold bars.

Modern gold bars are shaped and sized such that they are easy to transport and store.  They range from 1 gram to 10 ounces troy, and are of uniform dimensions.  Of course there are much larger bars, 1 Kilo, for example, but those are much larger.  Om addition, modern gold bars have hard to duplicate minted features and distinctive features.  Plus the assay certificate and serial number is imprinted in the obverse.  All those features combined, make modern gold bars very difficult to counterfeit.


Modern Gold Bar Fineness

“Fineness” refers to how pure the precious metal is.  This is measured in “Karat”, “Parts per 1000” or “Parts per 10,000”.  All modern gold bars are 24 Karat (24K).  In fact, this gold bullion format typically 999.9 pure, meaning that 9,999 parts out of 10,000 parts are gold.  That is amazingly pure.

Older gold bars range from 995 to 999 pure.  That means 995 to 999 parts out of 1,000 parts are gold.  That is also extremely pure.  However, there are less and less old gold bars.  Most old gold bars end up re-refined.


Gold Bar Manufacturers& Brands

Now a days, most gold is minted and refined to super high degrees of fines using almost the same equipment and processes.  In addition there are “Manufacturers” and “Brands”


Manufacturers are refiners that are equipped to refine and mint gold.  Many are accredited with the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and other similar precious metal leaders.  LBMA or not, their process are state of the art. These companies most often produce gold bars under their own brand(s) and other’s brands.







Brands are produced for companies that market bullion under their own name, but not necessarily produce the bars. A typical example of this is the “Credit Swiss” brand.  Credit Swiss gold bars are manufactured by Valcambi, PAMP and others.  Such fact is even presented in the minting and packaging itself.

The next time you handle a gold bar, pay attention to its minting.  Most likely is a branded bar, but the manufacturer will be noted.

Credit Swiss




Gold Bar Design Features

Precious metals are all about certainty.  The more certainty the better.  At this, Swiss gold bars score an “A+”.

All Swiss gold bars have the following features:


  • Assay certificate minted into the gold bar
  • Name of the manufacturer minted onto the gold bar (with logo)
  • Serial number of assay certificate minted onto the bar
  • Statement “Fine Gold” minted onto the gold bar.  Often in two languages
  • Purity of the gold bar minted onto the gold bar
  • Weight of the gold bar minted onto the gold bar


  • Hard to duplicate unique design feature minted onto the bar.  Usually pattern logo


  • Branded harder blister pack plastic type container
  • Most branding on the obverse side of the gold bar
  • Clearly legible assay certificate on the reverse side of the gold bar
  • Some smaller gold bars are presented in sheets of blister packs

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Gold Bar Value

Gold bars have strictly intrinsic value of the gold value.  They have no numismatic value.  Maybe some people will pay a little more for such a thing as bar minted “N.M. Rothschild & Sons”.  But such gold bars are uncommon, and usually start at 1 kilo.  Gold bars do not deviate much from the international price of gold.


Gold Bar Sizes

Modern gold bars range from 1 gram to 10 ounces.  Below are the most common sizes.

  • 1 gram of gold
  • 2.5 grams of gold
  • 5 grams of gold
  • 10 grams of gold
  • 20 grams of gold
  • 1 Ounce Troy gold
  • 10 Ounce Troy gold

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