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Raw Gold

Raw gold is any gold alloy in its natural state.  Because raw gold is a natural substance (found in nature), it is not pure gold, but rather a high gold content precious metal alloy.  Gold nuggets, gold flakes and gold dust are types of raw gold.  Most raw gold averages eighteen karat (18K) or 750 parts per 1000 in purity.


Raw Gold Composition

Raw gold is a naturally formed high gold content precious metal alloy.  The composition of this alloy is a large percentage of gold combined mostly with silver, copper and lead. In addition there may be other metals, but in much smaller proportions.  Silver, gold, copper and lead are highly related metals.  In fact, they are all mining by-products of each other.  Where there is gold, usually all the other metals can be found as well, but in varying proportions.  This happens the other way around too.  In addition to that, raw gold, specially gold nuggets, contain, trapped in their shape, quarts and other minerals typical of the area where the nugget is from.


Raw Gold Purity

Most raw gold is in the range of 750 parts per 1000 purity.  This is the equivalent of eighteen karat (18K) gold.  However, it raw gold can be as low in purity as 14K.  Here at Portland Gold Buyers, we are very familiar with raw gold because we have bought plenty of it.  See refinery result sample below.


Nugget Gold Purity

In our experience, gold nuggets, for the most part, are seventeen karats (17K) in average.  Larger size nuggets, since they are a natural substance, are un-uniform in composition.  Parts of the nugget may be as pure as twenty two karat in purity, with other part very much lower.  The best gold refinery result we have so far obtained from nuggets just over eighteen karat (18K) in purity.  So far we have never seen better.  See refinery result sample below.


Gold Dust and Flake Purity

Gold dust and flakes are very similar in purity to gold nuggets.  However, there is a major difference.  Since the gold nugget is a single unit, is was formed in only one place.  On the other hand, gold dust and flakes are small particles.  Because of this, and because it takes a lot of effort to gather, often, gold dust and flake samples were collected from multiple locations.  However, even like this, most gold dust and flake refinery results are also in the range of eighteen karat (18K).  In our experience, very few gold flake and dust material is higher than 18K.  Since 2009, here at Portland Gold Buyers, LLC, we have bought gold dust and flakes several dozen times, if not over one hundred times.  Of all those times, only two (2) times we bought material that refined at at twenty karat (20K), which is 83% pure.  See refinery result sample blow.

In my experience, raw gold is very seldom lower than 75% pure, or higher than 90%, after all non-metals have been removed.   In this material, a part of the mass is non-metallic.  At the time of refining, that mass will float out of the metal mass.  Because of this, the after melt weight will be a little lower than the pre-melt weight.  It is this mass, the post melt mass, that will be assayed.

Refineries take only pretty clean raw gold batches.  Beyond a very minimal amount of non-metal, most refineries will not take the material, because very soon it qualifies as ore.  Handing ore is closer to the mining process than to the refining process.

Below is a sample of a refinery result.  As you can see, in this very clean sample, there was almost 4% non-metal mater.  That is very normal.

Cash Offers for Raw Gold.  When buying raw gold, I discount the possible amount of non-metal mass, and assume close to 75% gold content.  That is a very fair offer.  Above that, cash offer for raw gold, it may not work out financially or may even be a loss.  For larger batches, it is preferable to handle this via a contract.  Contact me for more information.


Gold Nuggets, Flakes and Dust Origin and Purity Relationship

Gold nuggets, flakes and dust are for the most part found in rivers and alluvial deposits. As per our research and experience here at Portland Gold Buyers, LLC most raw gold is in the range of eighteen karat (18K) or 750 parts per 1000.  This opinion is based on the refining reports and assay we got from them.  It is our understanding, but not our direct experience, that in some parts of the world, raw gold can be as low in content as fourteen karat (14K) or 585 parts per 1000.  However, we have not yet seen this in person.  See refinery result sample below.


Identifying Raw Gold: Gold Nuggets, Flakes and Dust

Once familiar with raw gold, raw gold becomes easily identifiable.  The main characteristics are that is typically of a bright, shiny but darker yellow tone, heavy for its mas, un-uniform and of capricious form.  It is immediately evident that is a natural substance.  Nugget typically have plenty of quarts and other mineral and dirt trapped within.  See images.  Artificial nuggets are very common.  Typically artificial nuggets are made from melted jewelry, usually 14K.  They are a lot less capricious in shape and even the best ones have an air of artificiality to them, mostly evident in the lack of trapped mineral.


Selling Raw Gold

When selling gold nuggets, dust and flakes, have the expectation of getting paid to the equivalent of eighteen karat (18K) jewelry.  That is the average content of the material.  Since nuggets have plenty of mineral trapped within, a certain level of discount for that non-gold weight is reasonable, but not too much, as that mineral is very light.


Where to Sell Raw Gold

The best place to sell raw gold (gold nuggets, flakes and dust) is Portland Gold Buyers, LLC.  Call us at 971-222-3435.  You can be certain that we pay the highest rates in the Portland Metro area for sure, as well as in the whole country.  Do your own research to confirm this.


How to Sell Raw Gold

The process for selling raw gold is very similar to that of selling jewelry.  In the case of nuggets, in front of you we will electronically test the material in a few locations, and make you an offer based on the average result.  In the case of gold flakes and dust, since the particles are so small, we will use the acid rub test method.  This will also be done in front of you.  Based on this we will make you an offer.


Raw Gold:  Gold Nuggets, Flakes, Dust and Objects


Gold Nuggets Refinery Result Sample
Gold Nuggets Refinery Result Sample


Gold Flakes

Raw Gold Flakes and Nuggets


Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget Portland

Gold Dust.  Fused but not melted into consolidated unit

Consolidated Gold Dust

Pocket Watch with Gold Nuggets

Gold Nugget Watch

Batch of Gold Nuggets Video