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Best Seller Gold Bullion Product

Our most requested gold bullion order by far is the (25) Ozt OPM / Elemetal case.  This is a case that contains (25) OPM / Elemetal 1 ozt troy bars.  The cases can also be sold as partials, meaning for example, with only (15) gold bars rather than filled to the full capacity of (25) gold bars.  Each gold bar is sealed in a Certicard* blister pack.  This is the safest and most popularly used method for sealing gold bars.  The CertiCard type system by used in SMI, Valacambi, PAMP, Republic, and many other bullion marketers and producers.

If you want to make a large physical gold bullion acquisition, this is maybe the most effective way to get your gold bars.  The material is uniform, already inside a storage system, protected from damage, and in a universally recognized gold bullion format.  In addition, this type of format allows you to easily remove the gold bars from the packaging, and if needed, hide them anywhere small, such as in your pockets, wallet, etc.  This type of gold bars are proportioned for that purpose.

To order gold bars by the case, call Portland Gold Buyers, LLC at 971-222-3435

Elemetal / OPM (25) 1ozt Bar Case Weights
  • Manufactured in the USA by Elemetal / OPM
  • 9,999 parts per 10,000 pure gold
  • One of our best sellers
  • Contains (25) 1 ozt gold bars
  • (1) Certicard* per slot
  • Each Certicard* contains (1) 1ozt gold bar
  • Each Certicard*, with includes the 1ozt bar, weighs a total of 38.5 grams
  • The case, empty including the lid, weighs 188 grams
  • A complete, un-opened case, with (25) Certicards, which each has a (1) 1ozt gold bar per card, and is taped shut, weighs very close to 1156.1 grams


* Certicard is a registered trade mark and brand. It is a proprietary tamper evident blister pack container used for protecting precious metal bullion.  Mostly used for gold and platinum.  Includes assay information and serial number

*Very popular product.  We sell this full cases very often

25 ounce troy gold bar case
Gold Bar Case Partially Filled
1 ounce troy gold bar Portland
Gold Bar Securicard Obverse – Note Protection Film
1 ounce gold bar Elemetal
Gold Bar Reverse