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Gold Sign SW 3rd and Alder

Best Place to Sell Gold

The best place to sell precious metal items in Portland is at the corner of SW 3rd and SW Alder, in Downtown Portland.  This is where the highest concentration of jewelers and precious metal dealers.   Most of these establishments are on both sides of SW 3rd Avenue between SW Alder and SW Washington.  Of all the establishments, the main place to sell gold in Portland, is Portland Gold Buyers, LLC.

The most prominent building in this block is the Willamette Building.  This building is exactly at the NE corner of SW 3rd and Alder and takes one third of the block.  The Willamette Building is distinguishable because of its steel canopy and the big diamond on to the entrance.  At the corner of the third floor level of the Willamette Building are the "Gold" neon signs of Portland Gold Buyers, LLC.  Portland Gold Buyers, LLC is in suite 305. 


Portland's Jewelry Center

In the Willamette Building, in addition to Portland Gold Buyers, LLC, there are two additional gold buyers, over a dozen jewelry manufacturers, a few diamond dealers, several diamond dealers, a couple of attorneys, a quiropractor and a few other miscellaneous  offices.  However, by far, this building is know for its concentration of jewelers. 


Portland Gold Buyers, LLC

Portland Gold Buyers, LLC is definitely one of the most prominent tenants of the Willamette Building.   Their office is located at Suite 305 of the Willamette building.   The landmark blue and green "Gold" signs at this office.  Portland Gold Buyer's, LLC is Portland's most reputable gold buyers and consistently pays the highest price for scrap gold, silver, platinum and palladium.  Portland Gold Buyers, LLC has been in the Willamette Building since 2009.


Best Way to Sell Gold

The best way to sell gold in Portland is to call the gold buyers and ask how much do they pay by the gram.  Then go there.  For faster service, do the same and then go to SW 3rd and Alder and shop around.  Compare prices.  You will notice that Portland Gold Buyers pays the most.  Just fund the "Gold" signs at SW Third and Alder, and go up to the 3rd floor.  It is best by appointment, but walk-ins are welcome too.