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South African Gold Rand Coin Obverse
South African Rand Gold Coin Obverse

The Rand South African gold coin is a close relative of the Krugerrand.  It was introduced in 1948 as a replacement for the circulating British 1 pound, and 1/2 pound gold Sovereign coins.  In fact, the gold Rands are basically Sovereigns with a different obverse and reverse.

The Rand is produced by the South African Mint Company.  It is the gold coin of the South African government, thus the monetary denomination, rather than the gold content weight is their identification.  The obverse features the image of Jan Van Riebeck, the founder of Cape Town .  The reverse features a Springbok, a type of South African dear.  The alloy is the same as the Krugerrand and the Sovereign, called “Crown Gold”.  Crown gold was developed the British specifically for minting circulating gold coins.  It is the most durable bullion gold allow.  It is 91.6% gold and 8.4% copper, thus it is 22K.  There is no silver in this gold coin.  Thus it reddish tone..

Rand Gold Coin Specification – 2 Rand Version (1 Rand is 1/2 as much)

  • Mass (weight)                                          7.98 grams / .2568 ozt
  • Net Gold Content                                      7.32 grams / .235 ozt
  • Fineness (purity)                                        .916  / 22K
  • Composition                                               Gold and Copper
  • Diameter                                                    22 mm
  • Thickness                                                   1.8 mm
  • Years of Minting                                          1948 to present
  • Obverse                                                      Jan Van Riebeck
  • Reverse                                                      Springbok
  • Denominations                                         1 and 2 Rand

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South African Rand Gold Coins Obverse
South African 1 & 2 Rand Gold Coins Obverse
South African Rand Gold Coins Reverse
South African 1 & 2 Rand Gold Coins Reverse

Krugerrand Reverse – Springbok