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This is Oscar Morante, the owner of Portland Gold Buyers, LLC.   I am very active in buying diamonds, thus, well qualified for explaining how to get the best payout for your diamonds and diamond jewelry.

I am glad you are reading this.  You are already taking one of the most important actions for getting the most for your diamond, and diamond jewelry.  That action is called “education”.

This is how selling diamonds for the most works:

1- The term “gold buyer” is usually applied to companies in the business of buying precious metals for refining. People understand that better than “precious metal dealer”.

2- Buying diamonds is almost part of the “gold buying” business. Gold and diamonds are like horse and carriage.  Thus, as a gold buyer, I buy plenty of diamonds too. Comes with the territory.  It is hard to not do both things.

3- The best diamond offers are from those who understand diamonds from the commercial point of view.   Thus, I make the best offer I can base on knowledge of the diamond quality, and the wholesale market.

4- Expect a wholesale price for your diamond.   The offer you will get is several times lower than the appraisal and retail price.

5- Don’t base your expectations based only on diamond appraisals, what jewelers say, etc.   Anyone can say any price. The thing is if they are willing to pay for the diamond. Talking is for free.  The price of a diamond is what someone is willing to actually pay for it.

6- Bring all the paperwork you may have.  Store receipts, certificate, etc.  The more info you have, the better the offer you will get.  Diamonds are complex items.

7- Have plenty of time when selling diamonds.  Don’t come to a buyer in hurry.  That just adds variable and the only solution for that is to offer less for the jewelry.

8- Do a search for gold and jewelry diamond reputation.  See how other people feel about them.  That is a good gauge.

9- Call first.  That way you will get to measure will you will get along with the person that buys diamonds.  If possible, try to get a proposition of how the process of getting you an offer for the diamonds will be.  That way you know what will happen when you arrive at the diamond buyer’s office.

10- You are ready to sell your diamonds when you are ready.  So you decide.

So this is my recommendation if you want to sell a diamond or diamond jewelry. First, educate yourself, then gather all documentation you may have, then research who is actively actually buying diamonds in your area. Select from there. If you do this you will get the best offer possible for the liquidation of your diamond and diamond jewelry.

If you want to sell diamonds and diamond jewelry, call me.

Oscar Morante


Portland Gold Buyers, LLC


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