Get the Most for Your Gold in the Portland Area

Do You Want to Sell Your Precious Metal Items? This is how it works


We would love to help you sell your precious metal items and gems. Here is how we do it.

Precious Metal Buying Process

  1. Make an appointment
  2. We meet at Portland Gold Buyers’ office or at a location near you
  3. You present us your items for sale
  4. We test metal for purity using professional equipment
  5. Then we weigh the metal using a jeweler scale
  6. We make an offer based on purity and weight
  7. If you accept the offer, we pay you cash right there


Doing business should be pleasant, fair and convenient. That is why you should work with Portland Gold Buyers. Not only that. You will get top dollar for your precious metal items. We are usually one of the highest payers if not the highest. We are very hard to beat price wise.