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1 Troy Pound Silver Eagle Disk

The American Silver Eagle silver disks are large, disk shaped silver bullion patterned after the American Silver Eagle coins.  These disks are referred to as"American Eagle Silver", but they are not.  Most of these silver disks were produced by several private mints from the late 1980's to to the early 2000s.  Only the the US Mint can produced products named "Silver Eagle".  In addition, Silver Eagles are a trademark of the US Mint.

Silver disk bullion are much larger than the original American Silver Eagle coin.  They range in size from 1/4 pound troy to 1 pound troy.  One pound troy is 12 ounce troy.  Needless to say, this is large bullion.   The design closely resembles the American Silver Eagle design, but it has noticeable differences.  Generally speaking, the minting quality is a little bit less detailed than the original.  In addition, the images have differences, they are not exact copies.  Another important feature, is that they don't have a face value, nor the artist's initials.


Features and Quality

Since Silver Eagle disk bullion were produced by various private mints, there are some variations from product to product.  Silver Eagle disks are .999 pure silver.  The one troy pound measures 3 1/2" diameter by 1/4" thickness.  They usually come in a very nice plastic protector which is sealed in blister pack.  The edges are finely fluted and usually imprinted with a .999 stamp.  The overall quality of this type of silver bullion is usually very nice, but not quite to the level of a US Mint product. 

Fake Silver Eagle Disk

There is plenty of fake Silver Eagle Pounds and similar around.  They have been circulation from the very beginning, meaning the late 1980s.  Some of them are good enough, that it easy even for a precious metals dealer to be fooled.  Here are the clues to identify fake Silver Eagle disks

  • Cheaper case instead of a nice, usually hard plastic protector
  • Lower quality minting.  Not as detailed but good enough at first sight
  • Usually does not say .999 silver.  That makes them legal.  However, plenty of them say that
  • There is no stamp on the rim stating .999.  Usually there is a vague number that at first sight looks good enough
  • Weight is just off.  Silver is heavier than copper, so the fake silver disks are lighter given the same dimensions.  This is masked by the plastic packaging

To be sure that the disk is good, check all the above, and weigh it to be sure the weight matches the dimensions.  Then, if needed, hit it with nitric acid or silver solution.  If you start getting a green, smokey reaction, the item is fake for sure.


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