Electrical Silver Contacts
Electrical Silver Contacts


Applications of Electrical Silver

Silver is not just a monetary metal also used for jewelry.  Silver is an strategic industrial metal.  It is used in photography, medicine, all kinds of chemical processes.  In addition silver has high electrical conductivity, thus it is present in all kinds electronic and electrical applications.

Some older electrical motors, and some modern ones as well, have solid silver alloy components. It is often used in electrical engine rotors.   I buy these silver components for their scrap value.


Electrical Scrap Silver Handling

It is very important to be careful when handling this type of scrap silver.  Although some surfaces and core segments are close to pure silver, this type of scrap silver has a lot of cadmium and other carcinogens.  Handle electrical scrap silver carefully.  Wash your hands, face and other exposed body parts soon.  or Better yet, use gloves.  Don’t breath its dust.  Use a mask.


Electrical Scrap Silver Identification

One way to distinguish electrical silver scrap is by comparing to the image above.  The white substance in the surface has all kinds elements, that are not silver.  That is where the cadmium tends to be.  The exposed metal part tends to be high content silver.  I have seen this type of silver alloy in several shapes.  Some more square.  Some more oblong.


Electrical Silver Fineness

As a precious metals dealer what matters to me is how much silver will I extract from the scrap precious metal.  In terms of content, the whole mass tends to be of around a fine silver content of 60%.  I pay accordingly.  Chemical and XREF machine tests are deceiving.  The results may easily show a content of 90% to even 99% pure silver.  However, after refining, when the fineness is finally revealed, the content most commonly as stated above.  Below is sample refining result from a silver electrical contact lot.

Electrical Silver Contacts Silver Content
Electrical Silver Contacts Silver Fineness


Electrical Silver Processing

Most electrical silver scrap, because it is often so contaminated, or together with elements hard to remove, is processed by specialized industrial silver refiners.  There are not that many companies doing this.  Thus the refining cost is higher, and it take long to process.


Sell Electrical Scrap Silver

Contact me, Oscar Morante, at 971-222-3435 or Sell@PortlandGoldBuyers.com if you want to sell this type of material.  I will make you a proposition.