Diamond Magic Numbers

Understanding Diamond Magic Numbers

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Article Objective

This article explains what diamond magic numbers are and the main aspects of how magic numbers significantly affect the price of diamonds.

Diamond Magic Numbers

Weight is a critical component of diamond value, or better said, the perception of how much is a diamond worth.

Diamond magic numbers are the major price breakpoints as related to diamond weight mass.  It is the phenomenon of, all else being the same, significant price increase at specific diamond weight points.  Diamonds at, or above the diamond magic number are significantly higher than below the magic number, even if the weight is very close.

A magic number is a “major size” boundary.  This usually means 1/4 carat, 1/2 carat, 3/4 carat, 1 carat, 1 1/4 carat and so on.  In decimals, these carat weights end in “5” or “0”, as 0.25 carat, 0.50 carat, 1.0 carat, 1.25 carat.  Those are the main price break points.  This can also be expressed by one third increments, as 1/3 carat diamond for example, but it is less common.


Magic Numbers Diamond Price Effects

As mentioned above, diamond magic numbers are the major price break points based on diamond weight.  This is closely related to diamond nominal weights.

Because they are the major breakpoints, the price effect of magic numbers in diamonds is significant and noticeable.  Diamonds at, or above the magic number, are much higher than starting just below, even it if it just a decimal below the magic number.  The larger the diamond, the bigger the change.  With smaller diamonds, for example, around 1/2 carat, the price difference can be a few hundred dollars.  With larger diamonds, example, 1 1/2 carat, the difference can be a few thousand dollars.

Below is a excellent video about the diamond magic numbers phenomenon.