Giant 23K Gold Nugget Pendant For Sale

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Giant Gold Nugget Pendant
Giant Gold Nugget Pendant


It is hard for photography to do justice to beautiful things.  This is truly a rare gold nugget.  At over 190 grams and 23K in fineness, even in Alaska, where it is from, such a chunk of unprocessed gold is very hard to find.
I have never separated the nugget from the bezel, but it is easy to do. My estimate, based on experience, is that the nugget itself is over 190 grams. The rest of the mass is the 14K bezel frame.

Pristine Gold Nugget Specimen

Great effort was made to preserve the pristineness of the specimen. For this, a custom 14K gold bezel frame was crafted to tightly follow the outer contour of the gold nugget. As you can see, this gold bezel frame holds the nugget’s profile. It is designed to be mostly behind the front part of the nugget, such that when wearing it as intended, the bezel frame is hardly noticeable. On top of that, to not affect the integrity of the gold nugget as found in its original natural condition, the 14K gold bezel frame is not soldered to the gold nugget. The specimen is connected to the bezel frame by strategically placed tabs that hold it in just right.

Large Gold Nugget Geological History

This nugget is from Alaska, but I don’t know where exactly in such a big state. What I can tell you is that it was for sure at some point in a fast-moving stream. The tumbling action is what rounded it up, left it with no hard edges, and removed most of the mineral where it was originally in. The stream must have been some sort of steep creek because gold is very heavy. Thus, the bigger gold particles get settled first. Any other mineral or metal particles the same size, because of being so much lighter, would have gone much further downstream by the time this particular nugget settled.

Gold Nugget Fineness Testing

Using my Olympus Gold Xpert XRF tester, locating the X-Ray beam in several parts, and on both sides of the gold nugget, it tests 23K fine. This is very high for unprocessed gold. The composition is gold with a little bit of silver. If there would be other elements, most likely the nugget, even at the same fineness, would be of a darker tone. That is why it almost looks like if it is 24K fine.

Most unprocessed gold is more in the order of 18K or a little bit better.  High fineness placer gold rarely is above 22K fine.  In addition, most often there are plenty of non-metallic particles.  This giant gold nugget is basically clean of minerals and of much higher than average.  Learn more about unprocessed gold fineness.

History of this Giant Gold Nugget Pendant

I bought this nugget in 2020 from the executor of an Alaskan’s estate. There aren’t too many such gold nugget pendants in the world. For sure, this gold nugget pendant had at least a few owners prior to me. From an Alaskan jeweler, I know that this jewel, in its present state, was in Anchorage for a while. I am the latest owner. Hopefully, if you like it, you can be the next owner of this great gold nugget after me.
As of this writing, I had this giant gold nugget pendant for almost a year. Every so often, when I open my safe, I take a few minutes to enjoy inspecting it closely. It is not often that one gets to appreciate the work of nature in such size. Hopefully, it never gets melted.

Wearing a Giant Gold Nugget Pendant

I am not sure if I would ever wear this gold nugget pendant. It is very heavy. It is meant to be worn as a showpiece for a short time every so often. I may never wear it, but for sure I never get tired of looking at it. Most likely, like any great work of art, it will eventually find a new owner to appreciate and enjoy it. This will keep happening over and over.

Large gold nugget pendant for sale
Front view
Alaskan giant gold nugget for sale
Complete Pendant Weighs 203 grams
Big gold Nugget Pendant
14K Gold Bezel-Frame Pressure Tab Connection – No Soldering
High Karat Giant Gold Nugget Pendant
14K Gold Bezel-Frame Detail. Minimal Obstruction. Follows Gold Nugget Profile
high karat large gold nugget for sale
14K Gold Bezel-Frame to Gold Nugget Connection Closeup