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26 gram gold nugget


Are you big into gold nuggets? I am.  You are going to love this piece.  I bought this gold nugget in 2011.  A lady sold it to me.  She inherited from her this nugget together with a lot of other precious metals and a good bit of money.  An excellent inheritance for sure.  She was not into this piece, so she sold it to me.

Here father, when young, and this must have been between the 1920’s to 1960’s, was in the business of buying and selling mostly horses and other livestock.  Apparently it was a live of mostly bucarooing in the old west.  At that time, and until I got it, the nugget had a pendant loop above such as to hang vertical.  The loop for sure showed signs of lots of wear.  The chain had dug into it.  The chain that came with the pendant was also “well worn”, so it got melted.  At that time, the gold nugget was in its original form, other than for the pendant loop, and had no diamonds.

In 2012 I had the good luck of starting a good business arrangement with goldsmith Tai Vautier.  As soon as she saw this gold nugget her imagination went off.  Within a day she had a proposal and sketch for converting this large gold nugget from cowboy amulet to an eclectic piece of art.

Tai is an expert at highlighting the intrinsic qualities of precious metals.  That is what I like about her work.  The texture, patina and natural luster of precious metals are a large part of the vocabulary of her jewelry designs.  She crafts her own pieces.

Tai enhanced the beauty of the diamond by adding just the right amount of diamond sparkle, and balanced it with a ruby. The chain is made of blackened silver, with a few 22 karat hand made links and a hand made clasp with a diamond.  The blackened silver and gold contrasts, with the diamond sparkle really make this piece stand out.

At 26.9 grams, the centerpiece of this jewel for sure is a “good chunk of gold”.  It is hard to find gold nuggets that size, specially gold nuggets that are that interesting looking and that pure.  The average nugget is of over 18K fineness, which is 75% pure gold.   This nugget is testing at over 20K, which is very high.  If you enjoy the qualities of gold in its natural state, you will for sure love observing every nook and cranny of this beautiful gold nugget.

Gold is a precious metal.  By definition, precious metals are not abundant and are highly desirable.  Gold nuggets such as this one are found mostly in wilderness streams in Alaska, Oregon and California.  It takes a lot of time, expertise and luck to find gold.  Specially at the time when this gold nugget was found, and even today, finding nuggets in wild, remote rivers, is hard and dangerous.  On top of all the effort, there are the hazards of large wild animals and even worse, other people.  Panning for gold is a tough business.  All this effort went into obtaining the gold nugget that is the centerpiece of this jewel.

If you love expertly crafted gold nugget jewelry, you will not be disappointed by this piece.  Not only that, this gold nugget necklace is very well priced.  Shop around to see what you get for what  I am asking for.  It is very unlikely that you will get many things that that are this nice for a comparable price.  But it is not really about money.  It is about enjoying.  If you enjoy gold nugget jewelry, you will love this gold nugget necklace.