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18K Antique Rose Gold Chain Question


I am glad to hear from you.  Your 18K chain seems to be a very interesting item.  Is it a Victorian era chain?  My quick answer is that most chains end up melted.  However, when it makes sense I try to sell the items otherwise if there is a market for them.  The problem is that most often people like such chains or similar items, but don't buy them.  I my self have few similar item that I am keeping for my enjoyment.

My offer for such an item would be it's liquidation value, which is as if it would be melted.  Then, if I end up having to melt it, I am OK.  Maybe for such an item you can locate a specialized person.  I know a couple here in Portland.  Most likely, if they buy it, they will offer no more than I would because they have the same risk.

The easiest thing for you would be to select the items that are old, not antique, that you already enjoyed and no longer use.  Decide which ones you can part with and sell them.  Then, according to how it feels, decide about the rest.

Let me know how can I further help you.



At 09:13 PM 11/19/2012, you wrote:

  Hello Oscar,
  I have a question for you….. In regard to antique jewelery….Do you melt down every thing you buy ?
 In question is an 18 karat gold chain necklace, 28 inches long, pink gold, circa 1800's.
 Do you purchase this type of jewelery ?