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Silver Flatware Valuation – Questions Portland

As I mentioned, the best way to weigh silver is by the gram.  This is much more exacting.  I had to make a lot of assumptions for my price approximation.

Thanks for asking about my other services.  I buy all the precious metals in all their forms.  Basically, if something is made out of precious metal, I buy that.  Gold, silver, platinum and palladium items are always of my interest.  So are gold and silver coins and bars.

In addition to the metals, I often buy diamonds.  Pearls are much harder to deal with.  There are specialized merchants in the pearl business.  I can help you with diamonds but not with pearls.  At least not for the moment I can't help you pearls.

I am very interested in any precious metal items you may want to sell.  Hopefully you can sell me your silver flatware.  I am very interested.  Either way, what is best for you is what you should do.  We can still be friends.



At 02:56 PM 11/13/2012, you wrote:

     My Housekeeper weighed the silverware the next day and discovered an almost 5lb. difference.
     I have been trying to decide whether it would be worth it and have decided to just give  her the silverware.
     She has had her eyes on it every time she polishes it.
     I thank you for your time and your help and will call you should I decide to do anything else. Besides gold,
     what else do you handle ? Pearls that have never been strung ?
    Nov. 2012


    Thanks emailing me the weight of your flatware.   Below is my idea of price and how I calculated it.  Please consider this an offer approximation because I need to get the exact weight on an accurate gram scale.

    Approximation of price: $xxx

    Hopefully this works for you.  If you decide to mail me the items, please let me know in advance.  I will send you the payment the same day I get the materials.  I look forward to doing business with you.




    Solid Silver Flatware
    Estimated weight xx lbs = xx grams
    Price per gram = $xx
    Offer approximation  xx grams x $xx/gram = $xx
    Hollow Items
    Silver handled knifes and other utensils
    Handle average xx% of item
    Estimated gross weight xxlbs = xxgram
    Estimated silver handle weight = xx grams
    Offer approximation:  xx grams x $xx/gram =  $xx
    At 07:41 PM 11/8/2012, you wrote:

            Did not find the gram scale and the pound scale was used instead.

            Hollow-3 and 1/2 lbs.
            Rest of tableware   =6 and 1/2lbs.
            What is your estimate and how much insurance …. still $xx ?
            Thank you.
        Oscar Morante
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        Fax: 866-844-7009