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Gold Flakes and Gold Dust

Sounds good. When I get home today from work I'll break out the SLR and get some close up photos of it and then we can go from there.
 Would you still be willing to do it through the mail if you see the photos and it looks like something that would be worth the time. I wish they had little home kits to do testing on the gold that you can pick up at the local Walmart or something. The only reason in which I know or believe it to be gold is where it came from. My grandfather bought a house from a guy and he gave this jar of gold dust to my grandfather that at the time my grandfather stupidly painted with or mixed with paint. The guy that he bought this house from was a gold miner and this was early 1930s that he bought the house from this guy.
 But once I get home tonight I will take some out onto a spoon or something and get some photos. Anything you want taken, certain angles, lighting, etc that would help.
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  I am glad you are looking at all the angles of this.  Typically I deal in person.  That makes it a lot easier. 
  This is the process.
 The client brings the materialIf it is a gold alloy, we do a contract for melt and assay.  This is the process of melting the material into a uniform solid item, and determine the gold content scientifically from there.The melt and assay is done by the local refiner's office. You get to see assay result, and the check I get from the refinerThe split is 80% for you.  20% for me  Other considerations:More than ounce people have sent me what they think is gold dust and it is notExpect an assay result between 17K and 20K.  Most likely will be 18K.  Hopefully it is betterFor me to do this is person in Portland is better because I am a well established and reputable business downtown Portland.  Being from Chicago, it is hard for you to prove that.
 What you can do for the moment is send me few close up images of the material.  That would be a good place to start.
 Hopefully we can do business.
 At 11:43 AM 3/14/2013, you wrote:Also do I have any type of reassurance that if I send it, it's not just going to disappear you know. I mean you are many of states away.
  On Thu, x, 2013 at 1:42 PM, xxx  wrote:I don't mind paying for the postage. How exactly does it work? What do you guys do to test it. I know normally you have people that come in so it's a lot easier they can see you test it and so on right there. What are you guys currently paying out also? Just to say the least I'm a little hesitant to send it out but I have no choice but if it happens to be like 18k gold at 15 ounces that's well a lot money to say the least haha.
 On Thu, Mar x, 2013 at 1:31 PM, Oscar Morante <> wrote:xxx,
If you mail it I can pay for the postage. 
 At 11:29 AMxx, you wroteYeah sadly I havent been able to find anyone in the area that does dust/flakes in the Chicago area. Everyone wants solid gold only. I'll have to keep on looking. If I knew that it was 100% like 18k gold I agree it'd be worth a flight over but I don't know any way of proving that to be willing to spend the money on a flight over.
On Thu, xxx at 1:24 PM, Oscar Morante <> wrote:
I am sure there is someone in your area.  For that money, it may be worth your trip.  A redeye flight is cheap. I will have to send the material to melt and assay for me to pay you based on content.  Payment will be cashier's check.Oscar
 At 11:02 AM 3/14/2013, you wrote:Oh ok. I wasn't sure if you guys did things through the mail. No one in the Chicago area that I have found would buy flakes/dust. So I've been trying to find a place that actually takes it in the mail. Wish I lived out there but sadly don't.
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I am interested in your gold material and can help you.  I can pay you cash or cashier's check in person.  When do you want to bring it?


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I have a jar of gold dust/flakes. We got it weighed and it's roughly 15 ounces. How exactly does it work in regards to selling it and getting it to you. How fast is the turn around? How do you get paid out? How do I know that you won't just take the gold and/or cheat me out of gold? Sorry if what I believe is gold and 15 ounces or more I'm a littel catious to say the least in regards to shipping it in the mail so want some type of reassurance. THank you for the help in advance.

Gold flakes and dust