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Gold Jewelry Inheritance


Thanks for contacting me about your inherited jewelry.  I am very interested in working with you.

This is how it works:
For this kind of transaction you do not want an appraisal, you want an offer.  Then it is up to you to accept the offer or not.  Appraisals are for insurance purposes and very costly.  There are a few companies in town that can do an appraisal for you. Also, appraisal are very different than offers, very much higher, and not based on the appraiser actually willing to buy the property.  There is plenty of information about this in my web site   See

What I can do for you:
I will grade and weight your materials.  Based on this I will make you an offer for immediate cash payment.  That offer will be good for the day.  

Large Quantities:
If you have over $10,000 worth of precious metal materials, I have an alternate proposition that allows me to pay you more.  

Precious Stones:
For the most part I only pay for diamonds.  The other stones are not considered too valuable, and if they are, are very difficult to remarket.

Possible Paperwork:
Please bring me any relevant paperwork you may have
Are you the executor of the estate?  Bring me the document if you have it.
Do you have any diamond certificates or jewelry appraisals?  That would be very helpful.

Hopefully this information helps.  I look forward to doing business with you.



At 08:02 AM 11/25/2013, you wrote:
Hello,  my mother recently passed away and I am going to be selling some of her
stuff shortly.  I wanted to see if you guys provided free appraisals?  I will
probably do it in small chunks at a time in order to develop a good relationship
first, maybe shop around a little bit but you are close to my work and you get
good reviews so i wanted to start with you?   Let me know if that is possible.
I have all kinds of stuff, including some high quality turquoise (she loved that